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2024 Cross Timbers Forest & Range Management Field Day

General Event

 Event Dates

Tue, 04 June 2024 9:00 AM - Tue, 04 June 2024 3:00 PM

 Registration Dates

Thu, 11 April 2024 6:00 AM - Tue, 28 May 2024 8:00 PM


Lake Carl Blackwell – Camp Redlands
Stillwater, OK 74074


 Ryan Desantis
 (405) 744-5463


Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Lake Carl Blackwell: Camp Redlands and South side of lake

CEUs: 6 pesticide credits

Lunch provided for free

Registration free; RSVP required at least one week in advance:

9-11:30am: Lake Carl Blackwell – Camp Redlands
  • Historic Cross Timbers composition & change; background (Ryan DeSantis)
  • Overview of research plots (Sydny Hager)
  • Eastern redcedar mechanical treatment (Ryan DeSantis)
  • Eastern redcedar burning techniques; cut and stuff (John Weir)
  • Implications of cutting and burning eastern redcedar within oak stands on fire rate of spread, intensity, and oak mortality (Ryan DeSantis, John Weir, Sydny Hager)
  • Predicting eastern redcedar burning: fuel type, moisture, architecture (John Weir)
    11:30am-12pm: Travel from Camp Redlands to south side of Lake Carl Blackwell
    12-12:30pm: Lunch – Lake Carl Blackwell pavilions on south side of lake
    12:30-3pm: Lake Carl Blackwell – 51C
  • Controlling eastern redcedar with fire (John Weir)
  • Eastern redcedar herbicide control; soil applied pellets (Laura Goodman)
  • Eastern redcedar herbicide control; foliar treatments (Laura Goodman)
  • Post-management forage implications (Laura Goodman)
  • Cut & stuff demonstration burn (John Weir)
 Participants :  1 - 1000
Participant Count : 2
Event ID: 108628